Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Under the Dome - episode two - review

So episode two. Any good?
Good like Dallas and Neighbours and guilty pleasures. Not good like 24 and Game of Thrones. 

Not great then?
Some of the dialogue was laughably bad, but its a great premise so worth tolerating. 

Who is the worst character?
The obsessed youth keeping his ex locked up in an underground shelter. Barking mad. 

A bit like Kim Bauer's ordeal in 24?
Yes. A lot like that. Only less convincing. 

Who’s the most likeable?
Has to be Barbie. Like a cross between First Blood Rambo and Chris Pine in Unstoppable. 

Any connection with episode one and two?
Yet another cop died from a chest wound. 

Most unbelievable scene?
That a youth didn't know what a sieve was. 

Most unintentionally funny scene?
A chain of neighbours passing buckets of water to put out a house fire. The final throwers were awful shots. And the fact Barbie was thanked for his quick thinking and seemingly ingenious plan. (Are all the locals idiots?)

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