Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Keith Lemon: the movie

Slated by the critics, Leigh Francis' debut movie promised little and delivered in spades.
Centring on the eponymous businessman's rise to fame via mobile phones with a lemon on the back, the problem is Lemon is so unlikeable once he hits the big time he alienates the audience.
Cameos are plentiful, as are bad gags and a morally dubious tone, while Kevin Bishop is wasted as Lemon's idiot sidekick.
Kelly Brook is one highlight of this 80 minute mess which leaves a sour note from start to finish.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Taken 2

You know some films are going to create a black hole style void in your life before you press play on your DVD player.
Taken 2 would surely be one of them considering the dire reviews. Luc Besson could surely have saved CERN millions with his large hadron collider of a movie, generating many big bangs and a black, sucking hole in your heart as Liam Neeson tries to kill every dodgy looking bloke in Istanbul.
But imagine this. Threadbare plot, cartoon style bad guys and Bourne inspired rooftop chases aside, this is great fun. Liam Neeson plays the whole thing straight as he guides his daughter to his temporary prison with the aid of a map, shoelace, pen and grenades. Who needs GPS?
He and Famke Janssen have been kidnapped by vengeance seeking baddies in case you're bothered. Little wonder they're miffed. Liam tried to kill half of Europe in the first movie, so there were bound to be some annoyed relatives.
Yes it's silly and convoluted and the script sucks, but I enjoyed it and that's what matters. Will you like it? Probably not, but each to their own.
Roll on Taken 3.