Saturday, 2 June 2012

Prometheus review

So, decades of waiting for Ridley Scott to create a sequel or prequel to Alien and he gives us something which owes more to 2001, with icky body horror thrown in for good measure.
Prometheus is an epic tease; a smart fantasy epic which hints at the origins of the space jockey or engineer seen in Alien.
Noomi Rapace is splendid as the God fearing protagonist Shaw; Charlize Theron is watchable as ever as corporate suit Vickers, and Idris Elba perfect as the eponymous ship's captain.
Scott has always been a master of visual spectacle, but his look is sold short by often tiresome characters who meet a sticky end.
Stealing the show is Michael Fassbender as David, the android whose charm and sinister game plan is ever compelling.
Alas, the finale is annoying; setting up a sequel and bridge between Prometheus and Alien.
In IMAX 3D it's an event, with amazing effects, a great score and superb sets.
The standout medical scene has to be er seen to be believed, but while this may not be as structurally perfect as Scott's 1979 original, it's still a very watchable slice of escapism. 8/10

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