Sunday, 23 June 2013

World War Z - The Review

Glasgow, or is it Philadelphia terrorised by zombies.
Ooh, then its Korea, on bikes, then Jerusalem, then, er, Wales.
Brad Pitt's zombie travelogue could have failed had it not turned into an episode of Torchwood in the third act.
Pretty good, more for the tense finale than epic bits.
Ben Seresin's photography is a bit too polished for the chaotic tone; the script isn't great, or terrible, and the cast work well together.
An added bonus is the score by Muse.
It's like a serious Roland Emmerich's 2012, with our heroes catching 747s like they were jumping in a taxi. The CG isn't bad, and there are enough physical fx to make it semi believable.
If you've seen the trailer then you'll have seen where the money went.
However, there's a difference between what that suggests and what the movie is.
For the most part its a series of epic set pieces peppered with the odd cosy bridging scene where Brad and his family respond to the chaos.
By the half way mark i'll admit i was tiring of the huge scenes of mass carnage; it's most effective in the cheap finale when Brad and a few survivors try to stay quiet while searching through the corridors of a Welsh research base.
Glass, cans, and doors all sound like they're rigged up to huge speakers, while our heroes try to get to a crucial part of the complex.
It's open ended enough to warrant a sequel, and if there were more small scale thrills in that potential project, it wouldn't be too bad a project.

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