Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Oblivion - the review

Tom cruise's latest big budget epic looks like a mash up of Moon, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Independence Day, wall e, Mad Max and assorted other genre entries. That said it's an engaging, thought provoking yarn with some occasionally touching scenes.
Cruise plays Jack, a repairman fixing robots on a devastated earth. He lives in an elegant pad with his colleague/lover Andrea Riseborough, and tries to avoid Scavs, mysterious bad guys.
However it soon turns out nothing is as it seems.
Don't worry, no spoilers here.
Oblivion looks great, and features solid turns from all, including Morgan freeman. The movie takes its time telling a clever story, and the effects are pretty good.
If you get the chance, pay a few extra quid and watch it Dbox rumble vision. Yes it makes the movie more like a theme park attraction, but like 3d it enhances the storytelling process.
Joseph Kosinski does a better job here than he did with the visually stunning but rather dull Tron legacy. Hopefully he'll land a more original screenplay next time as this version of his unpublished graphic novel is compromised by its nods to some better films.

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