Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Every dog has its day: It's Kevin

In a perfect world all great comedians would have their own show. At least one, and if its good enough and enough people like it, then maybe they land another.
Kevin Eldon has been a show biz regular for decades, lending a hand with the laughs in Fist of Fun in the mid 1990s, and in countless other projects such as Big Train, I'm Alan Partridge and Hot Fuzz.
So now he finally lands his own BBC2 show, It's Kevin, and its clear he's learned a lot from his years in the field. Catchy theme tune. Check. Fast paced sketches. Check. Surreal, Chris Morris style dark side. Check.
Like the slow burn success of former fist of fun colleague Stewart Lee, Eldon has earned his right to be on TV and have his own show. It remains to be seen whether the series proves a hit with the masses, but hopefully he'll get the chance to fine tune any glitches in this inaugural run and create something comedically magical.

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